2014 WardsAuto Dealer Business Media Kit - Audience


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We serve a wide base of dealers and managers who spend money on products like yours.

WardsAuto Dealer Business has traditionally offered the best reach in this market.

The most dealers by name and title.  The most franchised new dealership locations.  And the lowest CPM.

With the reinvented digital WardsAuto Dealer Business, we’re building on that market-best circulation to include deeper reach inside the dealership.

This expansion will deliver your message to more of the people specifying, buying and using your products and services.


By issuing two editions of WardsAuto Dealer Business a month, and sending two notices for each issue via email, we’ll be sending 80,000+ emails every month, driving dealers and managers to our (and your) latest content.

Further, subscribers with our app on their mobile devices will receive multiple alerts every week.

The messages will point them to content inside WardsAuto Dealer Business, such as the daily items appearing on the dynamically served pages inside the app.  

These alerts will drive many more impressions of your message within the app, keeping your interaction with dealers alive throughout the month.



We serve a wide base of dealers and managers who spend money on products like yours.

20,000+ Dealer Professionals
Reached 4 times a month for 80,000+Impression.
3 ALERTS pushed to WardsAuto app users each week (average).
12 ALERTS a month!
82% of WardsAuto readers have shared out content with others in the dealership. EXPANDED REACH gets your message to the people using your product.
64% frequently discuss what they read with others in the company. 57% implemented ideas they read in WardsAuto Dealer Business. 46% frequently save items from WardsAuto for future reference.
23% have returned to ads in WardsAuto for future reference. 23% have taken action on advertising seen in WardsAuto.
86% of our readers expect to make a major purchase in the next 12 months. 54% Used Vehicles 29% F&I Products
43% Service Dept Equip. 27% Parts Equip.
38% Vehicle Accessories 19% CRM Systems
35% Internet Services 19% DMS Systems
31% Sales Training 14% Body Shop Equip.



WardsAuto Dealer Business readers are serious mobile users, and they want our content on their devices. That’s the core finding of a survey performed by Penton in April 2013 across our readership base. Here are Highlights from the survey data...

2013 WardsAuto Dealer Business
reader study highlights:

Device Ownership Media Consumption Researching Buys


of WardsAuto’s dealer readers have smart phones, and 24.6% plan to get one (or replace one) in the next 12 months.

70.2% currently have iPads or other tablets, and 23.6% plan to get one (or replace one) in the next year.

This data shows that dealers are ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile adoption.

As a control, we asked the same questions to non-dealers in this market (venders, etc.), and across the board, the numbers for mobile adoption were lower among non-dealers: 79.0% have smart phones and 53.7% have iPads/tablets.

The dealers in our survey were 30.7% more likely to have iPads/tablets than non-dealers!



of our dealer readers like to get business-related information through their mobile devices.

81.9% of dealers want to read WardsAuto Dealer Business on their mobile devices. This is a clear sign of intention to embrace the reinvented WardsAuto Dealer Business, and we intend to convert the remaining 18.1% into believers as well.

Further, 81.0% of dealers also told us they expect the amount of business content they consume on their devices will increase in the future, illustrating that they aren’t just actively consuming information on mobile platforms today, but they plan to do so even more tomorrow.



of WardsAuto Dealer Business dealer readers use mobile devices to research purchases.

The opportunity for WardsAuto advertisers is clear.

Our audience actively use their smart phones and iPads to explore purchases of products like yours.

They intend to embrace the new WardsAuto Dealer Business and share its content throughout their dealerships.

Your marketing in the mobile WardsAuto Dealer Business empowers you to turn our dealer readers into your next customers.




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