Jaguar F-Type ($100,370)

Gorgeous ambient lighting, but overall probably needs more pizzazz. ’Vette better value.

Jeep Cherokee ($37,525)

Bold interior colors and styling should make this Jeep popular at the next Jamboree.

Kia Cadenza ($41,900) 

Another well-done Korean interior, but price creeps too high and middle backseat is laughably cramped.

Kia K900 ($66,400)

Same as above. Also, Mercedes called. They want their door-mounted seat controls back.

Kia Soul ($24,010)

What Kia does really well: edgy styling and lots of content, all at a good price.

Lexus IS 250  ($44,140)

Cool instrument cluster slides mechanically at touch of a button. Red leather with black stitching really pops.

Maserati Ghibli ($94,470)

Flame-red leather pulls you in, but some egregious fit-and-finish issues turn you off.

Maserati Quattroporte ($119,150)

Brown leather is distinctive, but wood trim looks dated and hard-plastic center cupholders scream cheap.