Subaru WRX ($34,490)

Handsome red stitching not enough to compensate for tiny radio controls, cheap headliner.

Toyota Corolla ($22,870)

Seats with tan fabric and black leather trim highlight this otherwise dull interior.

Toyota Highlander ($44,450)

Nice interior with lovely lighted passenger-side storage trough, but why put radio controls out of reach?

Toyota Tundra 1794 Crew ($49,715)

Excellent fit-and-finish and follows Ram Laramie Longhorn with dramatic design. Gotta love snakeskin seat trim.

Volkswagen GTI ($30,695)

Great seats and effective use of metallic accents and bold red stitching. Even middle backseat is comfy.

Volvo V60 ($43,570)

Stylish, functional Scandinavian interior doesn’t advance brand’s styling language.

Volvo XC60 ($53,215)

Same as above, but matte-finish wood is very handsome. And those sleek head restraints still are way cool.