Although the Bolt was designed at GM Korea’s Bupyeong Design Center and the vehicle was engineered there in collaboration with LG Electronics, virtually all advanced prototyping and development work has been done in the U.S., the spokesman says.

Complicating the picture was an LG Electronics news release saying a production line for Bolt components is starting up this month at the company’s Incheon campus next to the Bupyeong plant.

The LG facility will manufacture several components for the Bolt, including electric motors, the onboard charging system, battery pack, high-power distribution modules and some infotainment systems. The car contains so many LG components that some local industry observers have dubbed it the “LG Bolt.”

The LG Electronics release did not explain the parts produced in Incheon would be exported to GM’s U.S. operations where the Bolt will be assembled. The GM spokesman says if and when the Bolt comes to Korea, the vehicle will be imported fully assembled and ready for the market. Production begins later this year at GM’s Orion Township, MI, plant.