Mexican light-vehicle dealers wrapped a banner year in 2016 right on target at 1,601,826 units, 18.6% ahead of the prior benchmark of 1,350,099 set a year earlier.

The record-setting performance was brought to a conclusion with highest-ever December sales of 192,307 LVs that bested by 11.2% November’s door-buster 154,417 deliveries and surpassed the prior December peak of 160,538 units in 2015 by 19.8%.

December had 28 selling days in both 2016 and 2015.

The final month of the year saw both car and light-truck sales rise to new heights for the month.

At 125,639 units, car sales set a new-any-month record in December as they topped the 100,000 mark for only the second time in history after reaching 101,256 a month earlier. Compared with like-2015’s 98,590 deliveries, December car sales were up 27.4%.

Light-truck deliveries for the month rose 7.6% from year-ago’s record 61,948 units, to set a new benchmark of 66,668. Compared with the prior month they were up 12.0%.

Market-leader Nissan/Infiniti ended the year 403,286 units sold, some 15.6% ahead of prior-year’s 348,942 LVs, although it market share decline slightly to 25.5% from 25.8%.

Holding second place, General Motors posted a 20.5% year-on-year gain to 308,624 from 256,150 in 2015, while third-place Volkswagen/Audi boasted a 13.1% increase to 245,870 from 217,408 units.

All but six individual brands basted strong sales in 2016 than they had the prior year, including Land Rover (36.9%), Subaru (29.1%), Isuzu (22.1%), Acura (8.2%), Mazda (4.4%) and Mitsubishi (0.5%).   

Kia posted the biggest gain, a 427.3% increase to 58,112 vehicles from 11,021.