Mexican new light-vehicle dealers saw no letup in consumer demand in the final weeks of record-year 2015, closing December at an all-time high of 160,538 cars and light trucks, 9.8% more than the 146,198 vehicles sold in like-2005, the month’s prior benchmark.

Behind the December performance were record sales of both cars and light trucks.

Car deliveries, totaling 98,576 units, just squeaked by the prior record of 98,431 posted in 2004, while light-truck deliveries of 61,962 units topped by 13.8% the old benchmark of 54,432 set in December 2005.

Having already established a calendar year record at the end of November, dealers drove the year-end tally to 1,350,099 units 19.1% more than the prior peak of 1,133,757 set in 2014.

No less than 10 of the country’s automakers set LV sales records in 2015, including market-leader Nissan that reached a fourth consecutive high with 348,942 units, a 19% gain on prior-year’s 293,204 deliveries.

Second-place General Motors sold a record 256,150 cars and light trucks in 2015, up 18.1% from 2014’s 216,958 units, to eclipse by 5.2% its prior record of 243,411 set in 2005.

Third-place Volkswagen (excluding Audi) delivered 203,261 vehicles, 12% more than the 181,418 sold in 2014 and 5.2% ahead of the 193,153 units sold its prior banner year of 2004.

Toyota set a back-to-back record of 84,779, 21.8% more than the 69,597 LVs sold in 2014.

Among other record-setters were Honda and Mazda as well as lower volume Suzuki, Subaru, and Porsche.

In its second year in the market as an independent brand, Hyundai posted a 117.6% increase to 26,251 from 12,064, while sister brand Kia racked up 11,021 buyers in its launch year.

Meanwhile, Ford saw an 11% LV sales gain in 2015, but at 88,047 units was well off its 2005 peak of 191,270, while FCA Mexico ended the year with sales of 86,768 vehicles, 12.7% better than 2014, but 34.7% below its all-time high of 132,935 set in 2001.