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Gary is a long-time contributor who writes about vehicles, engines and technology.

Audi’s Supercharged V-6 Makes V-8s (Almost) Obsolete
Surprisingly, it was planned as a small-volume engine for high-performance compact S4s and S5s. Now it is Audi's only V-6 available in midrange A6s and A7s, the flagship A8 sedan and Q5, SQ5 and Q7 CUVs.
Toyota Rolls Out First Turbocharged Engine Since 1998 1
Toyota considers turbochargers similar to hybrid systems because they both amplify engine performance.
VW’s Featherweight Fuel Miser
VW’s third-generation EA888 I-4 is a modularized masterpiece that plays many roles well.
With 3.5L V-6, Honda Proves Less is More
Honda engineers achieved impressive fuel efficiency and output without dual-overhead camshafts or direct fuel injection, which add substantial cost, complexity, mass and package size.
Cruze Diesel Impressive Effort Against Germany’s Best
Clearly it will take time to find a following like VW has developed over decades in the U.S. But as far as the engine itself is concerned, the GM 2.0L turbodiesel is a strong start.
Fiat 500e Truly Fun-to-Drive EV 10
A rookie EV team created a smashingly good conversion of Fiat Chrysler’s B-Car.
After 50 Years, Porsche’s Iconic Boxer Still Improving 1
Porsche 2.7L boxer 6-cyl., which is standard and not an up-power option in ’14 Boxsters and Caymans, is one of the sweetest yet.
Ford’s 3-cyl. EcoBoost Delivers the Goods 1
Good NVH without a balance shaft is just one of the engine’s many pint-sized innovations.
BMW 3.0L Diesel Smooth, Powerful, ‘Remarkable’
BMW diesel engine chief Peter Nefischer says the N57's top design priorities were efficiency, compact packaging, low emissions and the best possible power-to-weight ratio.
New GM V-8 Proves Pushrods Still Rock
The 6.2L LT1 is physically smaller and lighter than a twin-turbo 4.4L V-8, but it makes more power and torque with better fuel efficiency.
BMW’s Iconic I-6 Evolves But Does Not Change
The toughest non-technical challenge was convincing people inside the company the single-turbo/Valvetronic concept was better than the N54's twin turbochargers.
Ford 4-Cyl. EcoBoost Powerful, Versatile and Efficient 2
One of the development team's toughest challenges was meeting the engine's demanding performance requirements with regular fuel instead of premium.
Chrysler V-6 Shines in Both Cars and Trucks
While direct injection frequently is referred to as the wave of the future, the Pentastar’s chief engineer says new particulate emissions standards will have auto makers shifting back to port injection.
Audi V-6 Remains Industry Benchmark
The supercharged V-6 is notable not only for its refinement and efficiency but also for its versatility, powering everything from compacts to big CUVs.
Thrifty Honda V-6 Marries Two Technologies, Spurns Another
Despite 278 eager horses, editors logged 29.4 mpg – well above its 25-mpg combined rating. In an era when many auto makers are being hammered for not coming close to their official fuel-economy ratings, this is exceptional.


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