John McElroy


John is editorial director of Blue Sky Productions and producer of "Autoline" for WTVS-Channel 56 Detroit and "Autoline Daily" the online video newscasts.

What’s Really Going on With CAFE
No matter what Trump does, the U.S. standards will continue to get tougher every single year until 2022.
Give Up Driving? Not in My Lifetime
The new cars rolling off assembly lines today will not be completely off the road until 2037.
Two Tidbits From CES 5
It was comforting for me to hear several experts predict hack-proof cars are right around the corner. And it was eye-opening to hear the cost of electric-vehicle batteries are coming down far faster than anyone expected.
Pitfalls, Opportunity and the Big Mobility Shakeout
The history of the auto industry shows almost all new technologies get whittled down to a handful of global suppliers who then get caught up in a cost-cutting race to the bottom.
President Trump, Please Tread Carefully 1
Trump has the opportunity to make the U.S. auto industry stronger, but his policies also could backfire, resulting in a high-cost industry that’s out of whack with the global market.
Morphing to Mobility
I keep getting the feeling we’re at the stage the auto industry was in 1903. Five years later there was an amazingly impressive improvement in the automobile. By 1913 the world had changed forever.
Automakers Losing in Court of Public Opinion 2
It’s going to take years for the industry to rebuild trust with consumers and regulators.
Think Global, Act Local (Motors) 7
Local Motors has the potential to undo a 120-year-old business model and send everyone back to zero.
100 Dead Every Day 1
It almost seems a little silly to get hung up on one fatality in a semi-autonomous car when this technology offers the potential to eliminate 80% to 90% of all accidents.
Chinese OEMs Reaching Tipping Point
Chinese-designed cars used to be a joke. That’s not so true anymore. At the Beijing auto show earlier this year, Chinese automakers rolled out cars that could look right at home in the U.S. or Europe.
Cadillac Posting Serious Financial Numbers
If we assume Cadillac is making roughly $4,000 profit on each vehicle – not an unreasonable assumption – that means it’s generating about $1.1 billion in profit annually for GM.
Auto Shows Need to Reinvent Themselves 2
Auto show organizers better rethink their format. Automakers are voting with their feet. Unless they figure out how to make these shows more relevant they’re going to fade into the sunset.
Autonomous Cars Need Million-Mile Reliability
Cars used 22 hours a day could rack up at least 233,000 miles a year in city driving and much more in highway driving.
Brave New World for Corporate Communications
PR used to deal with relatively few but highly recognized media outlets. Today, they may have to deal with “citizen journalists” who they never heard of, but who may have a massive number of followers.
Safety Tech We Should Have Already 2
Vehicle-to-vehicle technology should be made available as soon as possible, because it seems almost silly to be having an argument over providing more Wi-Fi access versus saving human lives.


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