John McElroy


John is editorial director of Blue Sky Productions and producer of "Autoline" for WTVS-Channel 56 Detroit and "Autoline Daily" the online video newscasts.

Cadillac Posting Serious Financial Numbers
If we assume Cadillac is making roughly $4,000 profit on each vehicle – not an unreasonable assumption – that means it’s generating about $1.1 billion in profit annually for GM.
Auto Shows Need to Reinvent Themselves 2
Auto show organizers better rethink their format. Automakers are voting with their feet. Unless they figure out how to make these shows more relevant they’re going to fade into the sunset.
Autonomous Cars Need Million-Mile Reliability
Cars used 22 hours a day could rack up at least 233,000 miles a year in city driving and much more in highway driving.
Brave New World for Corporate Communications
PR used to deal with relatively few but highly recognized media outlets. Today, they may have to deal with “citizen journalists” who they never heard of, but who may have a massive number of followers.
Safety Tech We Should Have Already 2
Vehicle-to-vehicle technology should be made available as soon as possible, because it seems almost silly to be having an argument over providing more Wi-Fi access versus saving human lives.
Mergers Not Only Solution
As OEMs and suppliers come under increasing pressure to provide better returns they will discover there are other ways to increase their return-on-invested capital. They can design cost out.
Cyberattacks Come to Cars
By attacking dealerships and service centers, perhaps by compromising an employee’s laptop, hackers could install malicious software on lots of vehicles.
Listen to What Market Is Saying: EVs, Hybrids Are Flops 8
Alternative-technology vehicles aren’t selling well anywhere in the world. Not even where fuel prices are double what they are in the U.S. or where governments offer far more generous purchase subsidies than Uncle Sam.
We Need Racing Series That Favors Innovation 2
From 1900 to 1970, motor racing was as much about developing new automotive technology as it was about being a spectator sport. Today, that’s no longer the case.
How Mulally Is Making the Complex Simple at Ford
A deceptively simple procedure keeps all the top officers aware of everything that is going on in the company everywhere in the world.
The Jewish Engineer Behind Hitler’s ‘People’s Car’
A new book argues that engineer Josef Ganz conceptualized the kind of car the world now knows as the Beetle.
Our Autonomous Future 2
I think we’ll see autonomous cars in showrooms about a decade from now. Woe to the auto maker that is not ready for this transformative technology.
Can CAFE Finally Save Us?
Don’t listen to what the American people tell the pollsters; watch what they buy. And they don’t buy many hybrid or electric cars, which account for little more than 2% of new vehicle sales.
Mentors Needed for Automotive Inventors
Auto makers, especially those in Detroit, need to create programs to help outsiders bring their ideas inside the castle walls.


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