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Aug 02, 2011

July SAAR Tops 12 million - Detroit 3 up 15%

U.S. Sales Summary Table CURRENT ESTIMATED SAAR: 12.2 million Ward's Forecast SAAR (with new BEA factors): 12.02....More
Jul 01, 2011

Light Vehicle SAAR Falls to 12-Month Low

Jun 01, 2011

SAAR Falls Below 12 Million as Toyota Sales Plummet

U.S. Sales Summary Table SAAR finishes at 11.76 million units U.S. Light Vehicle Sales fell to an annualized rate....More
May 03, 2011

Small Car Sales Boost SAAR to 13.1 Million Units

SAAR at 13.1 Million Units with All Reporting U.S. Sales Summary table Market movement toward small cars, coupled....More
Apr 01, 2011

SAAR Finishes at 13.1 Million, Ford Bests GM for First Time in 13 Years

NISSAN, HYUNDAI, KIA SET SALES RECORDS, SAAR @13.1 Million See Company Results: U.S. Sales Summary Table After....More
Mar 01, 2011

Price War? Widespread Incentives Boost SAAR to 13.4 Million

FINAL SAAR: 13.4 million. See sales summary table. After GM aggressivley pursued the retail market in January,....More
Feb 01, 2011

U.S. LV SAAR rises (slightly) for fifth straight month

See company updates: U.S. Sales Summary table U.S. L.V SAAR: 12.54 million units U.S. auto makers sold 816,653....More
Jan 04, 2011

December SAAR hits 12.5 Mln - 2010 Sales Up 11.1%

Sales updates throughout the day: U.S. Sales Summary Table U.S. LV SAAR 12.5 million units. Light vehicle sales....More
Dec 01, 2010

November Sales Best Year-Ago by 12%, SAAR holds at 12.2 million for 2nd Month

U.S. Sales Summary Table U.S. Light Vehicle Sales were up 12% over year-ago, bringing the industry’s year-to-date....More
Nov 03, 2010

October Scores Highest (non-Clunker) SAAR in 2 years

October daily sales for all but two automakers outperformed year-ago, as industry light vehicle sales tracked 17.5%....More
Oct 01, 2010

SAAR Only Meaningful Measure of September Sales

Year over Year Daily Sales Rate: GM: 11.5%; Ford: 46.4%; Chrysler: 61.1%; Toyota: 16.8% Company by company data:....More
Sep 01, 2010

August sales track 18% below Clunker-Year Fueled Year Ago

Government program beneficiaries generally down - Scrappage losers make gains over year-ago See U.S. Sales Summary....More
Aug 03, 2010

July LV Sales Inch Above Year Ago, SAAR Holds at Forecast Level

GM 199,612 DSR +2.4%; Ford: 167,932 DSR -0.8%; Toyota: 169,224 DSR -6.8% See all company results: U.S. Sales Summary....More
Jul 01, 2010

June LV Sales Indicate Slow Recovery

DSR %CHange Vs Yr. Ago GM: +11.9%; Toyota: +6.8%; Ford: + 13.6%; Chrysler: +35.7%; Mercedes/Smart: +20.2%; Nissan:....More
Jun 02, 2010

Rental companies give US LV sales a boost

See Key Data: U.S. Sales Summary table. Rental companies bolster U.S. LV total Detroit 3 up 22.1% Chrysler breaks....More

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