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Aug 05, 2013

Dick Dauch Remembered

Industry veteran Dauch started his automotive career at General Motors in 1964, and he was only 30 when he was selected to manage one of its largest....More
Jul 22, 2013

Ford’s Caldwell Will Be Remembered for Taurus Gamble

Like most executives with finance credentials, the Harvard MBA was a stickler for metrics and details. But Caldwell, the conservative bean counter,....More
Jun 27, 2013

Germany’s ‘AutoCity’ Celebrates 13th Birthday

VW’s success with Autostadt suggests perhaps there is more than one Motor City....More
Jun 17, 2013

As Chrysler’s SRT Goes Full Speed, Dodge Sputters Along4

The auto maker unleashes a full-scale advertising campaign for the nascent performance brand, which had taken a back seat while the manufacturer was....More
Jun 10, 2013

Dear Taxpayer: Your Auto Bailout Loan Is Repaid, With Interest41

The auto bailouts were not speculative investments aimed at delivering a fat return to John Q. Public. They were designed to avoid an economic....More
Jun 07, 2013

Chrysler Says ‘Wait and See’ on Dispute With NHTSA2

The auto maker takes a stoic approach to addressing potential controversy, rather than explaining at length....More
May 24, 2013

A Lesson From Marchionne: Be Expressive, Not Offensive2

Everyone appreciates an executive who cuts directly to the chase and lays it bare, but that same attitude can be expressed without being offensive....More
May 17, 2013

Historic Piquette Avenue Plant Experiences Rebirth

The Piquette plant built 12,000 Model T’s by 1910, and by then the car’s runaway success gave birth to yet another big idea: Ford’s Highland Park....More
May 06, 2013

Turbos, Blowers and Real-World Fuel Economy9

If the public gets the idea auto makers are trying to pull a fast one, it could cripple one of the hottest technologies in the automotive industry....More
Apr 04, 2013

What Every CEO Should Know About Managing in a Shrinking World1

Auto makers need to view the world as one big business opportunity, says former GM executive Dave Herman. When it comes to emerging markets, that....More
Mar 11, 2013

Is Lincoln Driving Down Mercury’s Path?3

  There is increasing sentiment among some Ford employees that it’s too late to save the Lincoln luxury brand, despite recent....More
Mar 07, 2013

In Tesla Vs. NYT, Data Won

In a world where all facts now are fungible, data still carries weight: May it lead to better cars and journalism for all....More
Mar 06, 2013

New Models on Tap for 2014 Geneva Show?

Are Fiat's auto show models under dressed? Marchionne defends celebrating "female beauty in anything we do."....More
Mar 02, 2013

Can You Keep a Secret in the Auto Industry?

.Keeping future product under wraps becomes more challenging amid rookie mistakes....More
Feb 27, 2013

Today’s VW Looks Like Sloan’s GM

Volkswagen seems to have hit upon a structure well-suited to very large global corporations....More

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