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Things I've observed this week ...

How do so many dim bulbs get driver's permits? They're easy enough to spot. Look for motorists who insist on using turn signals to indicate they are stopped.

Aren't they at least curious about that button with the red triangle on it?

* * *

Texting can reduce the incidence of speeding.

"A friend" happened on a radar trap along an isolated stretch of road that cries out for hard throttle. But because he was texting, (it was only a quick "OK") he eased up just enough to see disappointment on the cop's face.

So I'm told.

(Note: My friend was not driving a test vehicle on loan from an OEM.)

* * *

There now exists scientific evidence supporting the notion that red cars are ticketed more frequently than others.

A researcher from York University in Toronto has determined the human eye more quickly follows a red target than one that is green, yellow, or blue. Conclusion: Red objects will appear to move faster than objects of another color.

* * *

The '10 Chevy Camaro looks best in Red Jewel Tintcoat. (See above.)

* * *

Researchers at the University of Wales Institute have proven you are what you drive.

Some 240 randomly selected subjects, aged 21 to 40, were shown photos of an average-looking man seated inside either a Bentley or a Ford Fiesta. Women subjects routinely rated the man "more handsome" when he was behind the wheel of the Bentley.


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