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Message to Minivan-Haters: Get Over Yourselves


OK, minivan-haters, take a good look in the mirror.

What's your problem? Can you honestly tell yourself there is a more versatile vehicle on the market?

Working on my driveway a few years ago, I came up a little short on gravel. So I pulled the seats out of my minivan, lined the interior with plastic, drove to the quarry, loaded up with gravel, returned home, shoveled it out, vacuumed the carpet and still drove the family to church next day.

Try that in a CUV like, say, the Toyota Highlander.

I draw a bull's-eye on the Highlander because Toyota is using it to open fire on minivans. (See above video with precocious kid. And watch for dorky father figure shining an original Chrysler T-115, complete with woody-style trim.)

Imagine. Maker of one of segment leaders taking shots at one of its own, albeit indirectly.

Toyota Sienna sales ranked second in November, some 700 deliveries behind the Honda Odyssey and 1,600 ahead of the Chrysler Town & Country.

And through November, the Sienna is outselling the Highlander 89,509 to 80,850, according to Ward's data -- even when the Highlander Hybird tally is included.

C'mon, Toyota. You're playing both ends against the middle.

And great products -- including your own -- are getting caught in the squeeze.

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