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Sep 17, 2013

What’s Hillary Clinton Got To Do With It?3

After the National Automobile Dealers Assn. chairman delivers a speech on indirect financing, a conference attendee asks a direct question about....More
Sep 10, 2013

Un-Silent Cal, the Great American Car Dealer

Cal Worthington knew how to have fun and sell lots of cars in the process....More
Aug 22, 2013

Competing Spurs Overreaching

No manufacturer sets out to deliberately harm or deceive customers, but there may be a tendency to stretch things....More
Aug 01, 2013

What Do Customers Know?2

Shoppers might not spot the finer points of good salesmanship....More
Jul 22, 2013

NADA Convention Keynote Speaker Pick Raises Ire6

Selecting Hillary Rodham Clinton as a keynote speaker indicates a great trade group is misguided....More
Jul 15, 2013

Flat Fees Would Work for Auto Loans1

Dealer-reserve system under fire from federal government....More
Jun 21, 2013

Why I Didn’t Take Any Surveys After I Bought a New Car3

You want me to answer 233 questions?! I have anything better to do....More
Jun 17, 2013

People Love Their Dealer, Hate Yours6

When the National Automobile Dealers Assn. said the franchised dealer system protects consumers, irked Internet users began pounding their keyboards....More
May 29, 2013

Color Me Blue, Red, White, Silver…3

In the virtual world, auto makers offer vehicles with arrays of combinations. In the real world, dealers offer a lot less....More
May 21, 2013

Dealers Object to Sales Leads Routed to Competitors2

Some dealers think they are paying for exclusive leads when, in fact, they are getting ones that are passed around and re-sold....More
Apr 30, 2013

Oh-Oh, Here Come the Jetsons

Self-driving cars preparing to hit the road, and I’m feeling nervous....More
Apr 25, 2013

More Than Money Behind Dealers Suing Carfax

Dealers claim the vehicle-history report provider charges them too much, but they’re also miffed at how the company portrays them....More
Mar 22, 2013

They Know What You Want. So What?

Tracking firms say they’re not snooping, just trying to determine customer interests in the name of relevant marketing....More
Mar 19, 2013

Cleaning House, Ford CEO’s Pay, Chevy’s Slogan and Chinese Drivers

As the boy moves out, the fireworks go off and a Dumpster gets filled – to the neighbor’s delight....More
Feb 27, 2013

Send in the Themes

This year’s NADA convention didn’t hold the drama of some recent years, thank goodness, but did provide a glimpse of the future....More

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Jim Ziegler, president of Ziegler Supersystems, is a trainer, commentator and public speaker on dealership issues.
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