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Nov 13, 2012

Dealers Pitch in After Sandy2

When the devastion hit, caring car dealers showed why they are pillars of their communities....More
Oct 29, 2012

CarFax Gets Its Facts Wrong11

Dealers tell me horror stories about CarFax experiences with customers. Those range from missing information to erroneous information....More
Oct 22, 2012

TrueCar Truly Sorry

Company CEO Scott Painter has not been driven to drink, but he is in a rehab program of sorts....More
Oct 16, 2012

Please Tell Me I’m ‘Truly Exceptional’

I went to the dealership for a routine oil change and scheduled maintenance. The only way that experience would be truly exceptional were if someone....More
Oct 12, 2012

Without Franchisees, Can Tesla Violate Franchise Laws?

Dealers see franchise laws as protecting their substantial investments. But critics claim the laws are an anachronistic form of protectionism....More
Oct 04, 2012

Stop Strip Mining of Dealer Data

Some companies extract dealership customer information for purposes beyond rendering contracted services....More
Sep 27, 2012

Ally Survey Shows Dealers Giving More to Communities

Auto retailers’ charitable support is a happy confluence of good business and doing the right thing....More
Sep 25, 2012

Is It Illegal to Sell F&I Products?1

Listening to some uber-consumer advocates, you’d think F&I stands for “fraud and illicit,” even when business is conducted above board....More
Sep 20, 2012

TrueCar Not True Friend of Dealers4

The Internet marketing firm is sponsoring every dealer-related event around in order to re-introduce itself....More
Sep 04, 2012

Panic in the Premium Car Segment2

I started hearing from dealers at high-line stores that they were getting calls from manufacturer representatives telling them to “punch” cars that....More
Aug 24, 2012

Safety Sells, Sort Of

Money may not buy happiness, but it does buy advanced technology that can keep a premium-priced car from going out of control and ending up in a....More
Jul 24, 2012

Oy Vey, Another Survey3

Surveys serve a purpose, letting businesses know what they are doing right and wrong. But that noble goal can get buried under a pile of questions....More
Jul 06, 2012

Auto Plant Life Safer These Days

Worker safety is discussed at daily floor meetings, emphasized on signs posted throughout the premises and factored into how manufacturing processes....More
Jun 29, 2012

More Tales from the F&I Battlefront

Finance and insurance warriors swap war stories, including accounts of a surprise firing by a raw general manager and a sneak attack by a credit....More
Apr 30, 2012

Text-Happy People Skip Phone Part of Smartphones

The text set skews towards young people with fast and nimble fingers that can type terse messages on tiny keyboards....More

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