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Jul 26, 2010

It Makes Sense to Exempt Dealers from Finance-Reform Legislation

Let’s play deductive reasoning. Mel Gibson abuses his girlfriend. He’s an actor. Ergo, all actors abuse their....More
Jul 15, 2010

90% of Social Media Is Showing Up; Now for the Tricky 10%

Ninety percent of social media is showing up. The tricky part is the remaining 10%. So says Mark Kleis, an auto....More
Jul 08, 2010

Is End Near for Dealer Newspaper Advertising?

Some detractors claim newspaper advertising is as archaic as putting sandwich boards on bums and having them walk....More
Jun 30, 2010

Walking In L.A.

The Missing Persons, a 1980s rock group, recorded “Walking in L.A.” that, despite the song title, is about not walking....More
Jun 18, 2010

Let's Outlaw Dishonest Internet Smear Campaigns

I told the audience at the Automotive Customer Centricity Summit that I had vowed to stop making industry-related....More
Jun 03, 2010

Dealers Aren't Lenders

Auto dealers do not give out auto loans, despite the odd claims of people hooked on histrionics. Dealers serve as....More
May 28, 2010

Could Be It This Time for Mercury Brand

It typically went this way: Someone would speculate Ford was about to end its Mercury brand, then Ford would insist,....More
May 11, 2010

Ironically, Car Dealers Use Internet to Get Prospects Offline

The mighty Internet sure helps dealerships sell cars, but there’s an irony to it all. That’s because as much as the....More
Apr 30, 2010

"It's Freezing Outside, Let's Put the Car's Convertible Top Down!"

My hometown of Royal Oak, MI, once was dull. An outsider had said it skewed towards beat-up pickups and hardware....More
Apr 16, 2010

Turn, Baby, Turn

Sell as fast as you can, for as much as you can, with as few costs as possible. That’s the formula for successful....More
Apr 07, 2010

Expect Shocking Electricity Bills for Recharging EVs

“Rechargeable vehicles represent a new frontier,” says Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally at the New York Auto Show....More
Mar 26, 2010

My Somewhat Begrudging Apology To Ford Pinto

I never thought I’d offer an apology to the Ford Pinto, but I guess I owe it one. I had a Pinto in the 1970s....More
Mar 12, 2010

Baby Brother Camaro Bites into Corvette's Popularity

The new Chevrolet Camaro makes the Chevy Corvette look bad. At least in sales-column tallies. Corvette sales plunged....More
Mar 05, 2010

Unlucky Dealer Stays Upbeat

George Nahas is an unlucky dealer. You wouldn’t know that from talking to him. He was his upbeat self when I ran....More
Feb 24, 2010

"Wait, the Keyboard Letters Aren't in Order"

It is sometimes tough getting the dealership sales staff to use modern customer-relationship management software to....More

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