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Aug 12, 2013

Light-Duty Diesels Ready for Prime Time

The only thing wrong with diesels is the technology was invented in 1893. If it had been developed by Elon Musk last year, Congress would be....More
Jul 30, 2013

MyFord Touch Complaints Reach Absurd Levels2

Ford has been criticized for the problem-plagued MyFord Touch infotainment system, and rightly so, but lawsuits and drops in quality rankings are....More
Jul 26, 2013

Chevy Volt Educating Americans One Sale at a Time

Despite all the transparency with which GM developed the Volt, bringing journalists to its research and development campus to witness the car’s....More
Jul 24, 2013

Ram 3500: The Right Tool2

The dually Ram 3500 Tradesman makes light work out of hauling a pallet of bricks weighing nearly 3,000 lbs....More
Jul 18, 2013

How Cadillac, Lincoln Can Catch BMW and Mercedes

Staged assembly would work perfectly for both brands. It would allow them to custom build cars to customers’ whims and bring in new models as they....More
Jul 08, 2013

Google Will Not Become an Auto Maker2

There is no business model that would make sense for any Silicon Valley company to start building vehicles, no matter how innovative. The product....More
Jun 24, 2013

Electric Vehicles Not Sustainable8

The problem is the entire EV industry and infrastructure is being pushed by government mandates and subsidies, not by natural market demand....More
Jun 20, 2013

Diesel, Gasoline Reach Price Parity in Flyover Country2

Add behind-the-wheel kicks to the virtual elimination of the price difference between gasoline and diesel, at least in the Midwest, and the Chevrolet....More
Jun 13, 2013

Bosch Embracing Automated Vehicles

Bosch’s research in Palo Alto, CA, and Abstatt, Germany, centers on fusing together the capabilities of short-range radar, long-range radar, video....More
Jun 05, 2013

Auto Makers Gear Up for New Generation of Budget Brands1

It’s been a decade since Renault launched its successful low-cost Dacia Logan, aimed at first-time car buyers in emerging markets. Now other auto....More
May 31, 2013

Motor City Should Welcome Chinese Auto Makers1

Japanese auto makers put their headquarters on the West Coast. The Europeans put theirs on the East Coast. Wouldn’t it be smart for Michigan to....More
May 15, 2013

No Wonder They Call It Branding

If John Wayne were asked to mosey in to a design studio and help create a pickup truck, chances are he'd rustle up something like the Ram 1500....More
May 13, 2013

Semi-Autonomous Cars Surest Bet in Five Years12

If you wager on where the automotive market is going, look at what will be required by future government regulations, what will be affordable and....More
May 02, 2013

10-Year Horizon Suspect, But Autonomous Vehicles Still Hold Promise

Fully automated driving may come eventually, but in the meantime the technology’s building blocks could be the ultimate answer to distracted-driving....More
Apr 16, 2013

Virtual Backseat Driver May Ride Along With Your Next Vehicle

Cars in a not-too-distant tomorrow will be able to tell the driver – and maybe others – how well he is performing behind the wheel....More

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