David E. Zoia

Editorial Director, WardsAuto

As Editorial Director, I oversee much of what goes into WardsAuto.com, enjoying a ringside seat that lets me observe up close just about every facet of the industry worldwide. I have covered the automotive sector for some 30 years, most of that right here at WardsAuto. I've reported on everything from new technology to manufacturing to businesss strategy and am liable to write about any and all of that here.

Posts by David E. Zoia

in Final Inspection Sep 24, 2015

No Easy Way Forward for VW Post-Dieselgate

Coming back from the scandal will take resolve, patience, a big strategy shift and an awful lot of money....More
in Final Inspection Sep 24, 2014

Odds Are Cadillac’s New York Stay to Be Temporary

Culture clashes, cost-cutting pressures or failure to complete the Herculean task of reviving Cadillac’s image all could be drivers for bringing the....More
in Final Inspection Sep 03, 2014

Incentives Rising, But No Need for Panic

Industry-watchers worried by escalating incentives, but a better barometer of the auto sector’s health may be transaction prices, which continue to....More
in Final Inspection Jul 17, 2014

Fiat-Chrysler Could Be Good Fit With VW

VW Chairman Ferdinand Piech long has had his eye on the Alfa Romeo brand, but would the rest of Fiat-Chrysler fit? Maybe not as badly as you would....More
in Final Inspection Apr 04, 2014

Small Budget, Thin Skin Roadblocking Agency, Former NHTSA Head Says

Former U.S. safety chief Joan Claybrook says agency administrators “have to act like a cop on the beat,” but too often those at the top have been....More
in Final Inspection Mar 19, 2014

GM Puts All Its Chips on Newly Minted CEO

Barra will need to convince the car-buying public the recall scandal is a relic of the old GM if public confidence is to be restored and market share....More
in Final Inspection Mar 12, 2014

Warranty Costs the Next Supplier-OE Battleground

Parts makers currently spend a fraction of what vehicle manufacturers do annually to cover warranties, and automakers are eager to share the pain....More
in Final Inspection Nov 22, 2013

Opel Plus Chevrolet in Europe May Be Unsolvable Equation

GM would like to think there’s room for both brands in Europe, with Chevrolet appealing to more cost-conscious buyers and Opel chasing customers with....More
in Final Inspection Oct 31, 2013

Pulse Fading for Auto Manufacturing in Australia

Decades ago, when the world was a much bigger place and six-digit annual vehicle sales were considered a boom market, local production made sense in....More
in Final Inspection Sep 24, 2013

It’s No Accident Chrysler’s IPO Pitch Full of Doom and Gloom

Typically an IPO filing is meant to entice investors, but Chrysler’s prospectus plays up the risk Fiat could abandon the U.S. automaker if ownership....More
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