Drew Winter

Editor-in-Chief, WardsAuto World magazine, Senior Editor, WardsAuto.com, WardsAuto

Drew Winter is Editor-in-Chief of WardsAuto World magazine and a Senior Editor at WardsAuto.com. He was won numerous awards for his work in both print and digital media and has been covering the auto industry since 1978.

Posts by Drew Winter

in Road Ahead Nov 11, 2015

Car Sharing, Autonomous Cars, No Existential Threat

There is one big problem with car-sharing services and the idea one self-driving car can serve the needs of an entire family: sharing is required....More
in Final Inspection Sep 22, 2015

VW’s Deception Hurts Entire Auto Industry

This action is so cynical, brazen and devious it has left even VW’s biggest supporters feeling betrayed....More
in Road Ahead Sep 14, 2015

Mapping the User Experience

Millions of consumers have formed a special bond with Apple’s user interface. Automakers want to emulate this kind of user experience, known as UX in....More
in Road Ahead Aug 06, 2015

The World According to Tesla

If you work at Tesla, which is valued at about $25 billion and sells just one very good luxury car, the possibilities must seem limitless....More
in Road Ahead Jul 09, 2015

Autonomous Cars Will Need Ethics, Morals and NASCAR Mode

It is easy to make autonomous vehicles drive in a more virtuous manner than humans, but this could make them vulnerable as they mix with conventional....More
in Road Ahead Jun 15, 2015

Good News, Bad News Underlies Obama’s Failed EV Goal

The Obama Admin. overestimated the potential of electric cars, but it also vastly underestimated how much conventional internal-combustion engines....More
in Road Ahead May 13, 2015

Time for an HMI Intervention

The HMI remedy being suggested is a bit shocking: something that resembles a pushbutton AM radio from the 1950s combined with a head-up display....More
in Road Ahead Apr 10, 2015

Tesla Faces Competition on All Fronts

Tesla will have trouble making profits when its only competitors are pet projects of major automakers that only care about image and volume and....More
in Final Inspection Mar 11, 2015

Why Apple Won’t Make iCars

Yes, Apple will put on a great tease, but it never will result in the manufacture of millions of clever iCars....More
in Road Ahead Jan 28, 2015

Autonomous CUV for Offroad Enthusiasts Latest Design Challenge

An autonomous car for driving enthusiasts may sound like an oxymoron, but we’re betting there will be a lot of consumers in 2030 who still like to....More
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