Drew Winter

Editor-in-Chief, WardsAuto World magazine, Senior Editor, WardsAuto.com, WardsAuto

Drew Winter is Editor-in-Chief of WardsAuto World magazine and a Senior Editor at WardsAuto.com. He was won numerous awards for his work in both print and digital media and has been covering the auto industry since 1978.

Posts by Drew Winter

in Final Inspection Jun 10, 2013

Dear Taxpayer: Your Auto Bailout Loan Is Repaid, With Interest

The auto bailouts were not speculative investments aimed at delivering a fat return to John Q. Public. They were designed to avoid an economic....More
in Road Ahead May 13, 2013

Semi-Autonomous Cars Surest Bet in Five Years

If you wager on where the automotive market is going, look at what will be required by future government regulations, what will be affordable and....More
in Road Ahead Apr 09, 2013

No Matter What Happens, Fisker Always Will Be Beautiful

The company may go away but the dazzling car it made never will be forgotten....More
in Final Inspection Mar 07, 2013

In Tesla Vs. NYT, Data Won

In a world where all facts now are fungible, data still carries weight: May it lead to better cars and journalism for all....More
in Road Ahead Feb 08, 2013

Ford’s Material Strategy Risky

GM’s composite pickup box debacle provides cautionary tale for next-generation Ford F-150....More
in Road Ahead Jan 11, 2013

When Truth Is On Your Side, Capitulation Is Bad Strategy

If Toyota does not confront the ugly myth of sudden acceleration head on with facts, the next time accusations fly it will take much more than $1....More
in Road Ahead Dec 10, 2012

Google Poses Serious Competitive Threat to Auto Industry

“The people on the West Coast want to change the world, and their view is this is going to happen very quickly,” says analyst Gary Silberg. “And if....More
in Final Inspection Nov 07, 2012

Detroit’s Worst Mistake Ever

Detroit auto makers wasted at least $50 billion during the past two decades in failed efforts to impress Wall Street and raise their stock prices....More
in Final Inspection Oct 09, 2012

Most Over-Hyped Automotive Trends of Past 25 Years

My take on the biggest non-events of the last 25 years. Let me know what other boondoggles I should have included....More
in Road Ahead Sep 11, 2012

Next Ford F-150 Unlikely to Be All Aluminum

Aluminum clearly is poised for spectacular growth in automotive, but despite its advantages, price and volume limitations still rule it out as the....More

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