Jim Ziegler

Ward's Correspondent, WardsAuto

Jim Ziegler, president of Ziegler Supersystems, is a trainer, commentator and public speaker on dealership issues.

Posts by Jim Ziegler

in Retail Front Feb 19, 2014

Union Loses Second Battle of Chattanooga

The UAW vows to rise up and fight again. But it should reevaluate venturing into hostile territory....More
in Retail Front Jan 24, 2014

Give Jim Farley a Break

The Ford executive’s playful we-know-who-you-are comments pale in comparison to the misuse of collected data elsewhere....More
in Retail Front Dec 06, 2013

10 Ways To Save Lincoln

There’s still time to rescue the brand, and have it retake its rightful share of the luxury market....More
in Retail Front Nov 25, 2013

Why Woo Generation Y?

In its fixation with young people, the auto industry ignores the real vehicle buyers: Baby Boomers....More
in Retail Front Oct 07, 2013

Why Am I Under Investigation?

It’s truly amazing getting an FTC letter about potentially “agreeing to refuse to deal with TrueCar.”....More
in Retail Front Aug 22, 2013

Competing Spurs Overreaching

No manufacturer sets out to deliberately harm or deceive customers, but there may be a tendency to stretch things....More
in Retail Front Jul 22, 2013

NADA Convention Keynote Speaker Pick Raises Ire

Selecting Hillary Rodham Clinton as a keynote speaker indicates a great trade group is misguided....More
in Retail Front Jul 15, 2013

Flat Fees Would Work for Auto Loans

Dealer-reserve system under fire from federal government....More
in Retail Front May 21, 2013

Dealers Object to Sales Leads Routed to Competitors

Some dealers think they are paying for exclusive leads when, in fact, they are getting ones that are passed around and re-sold....More
in Retail Front Apr 30, 2013

Oh-Oh, Here Come the Jetsons

Self-driving cars preparing to hit the road, and I’m feeling nervous....More

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