Many dealers are focused on an ever-increasing advertising cost per unit and an ever-decreasing gross profit on that same unit. Where could all of this end? Bankruptcy!

Maybe it’s time to think about where good gross customer leads are and how to get more of them. That way higher per-vehicle-retailed advertising costs are a non-factor.

Think about this for a minute. Why is the gross so low for some buyers?

It’s because they’ve shopped away the gross by visiting every “Beat the Dealer” website on the way to you.

Conversely, which customer leads pay an above-average gross? Direct leads do. They haven’t shopped away the gross because they haven’t yet deeply shopped. Make sense? Tell me what you think.

Stay tuned to this blog. We are going to share a lot with you, and I welcome your comments and critiques. Let’s keep it real. Let’s challenge the commonplace. Let’s disrupt to improve. Let’s grow.

Adam Armbruster is a senior partner in the business growth firm Eckstein, Summers, Armbruster & Company located in Red Bank, New Jersey and can be reached at 941-928-7192.