Startup truck maker Nikola Motor partners with supplier Bosch to develop the Nikola One and Two, a lineup of Class 8 long-haul trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

The zero-emissions trucks, due on the market in 2021, will deliver more than 1,000 hp and 2,000 lb.-ft. (2,711 Nm) of torque, Salt Lake City-based Nikola says in a news release.

At the heart of the new trucks is Bosch’s eAxle, a scalable, modular platform with the motor, power electronics and transmission in one compact unit. While it can be adapted for vehicles ranging from small passenger cars to light trucks, Nikola and Bosch will use the technology to commercialize the world’s first true dual-motor commercial-vehicle eAxle for a long-haul truck.

The eAxle, which Bosch rolled out in January, will use established CV electric-machine technology and separate generator motors, Nikola says.

The eAxles will be paired with a fuel-cell system also being co-developed by Nikola and Bosch. The overall vehicle controls and overall powertrain system also will be jointly developed.

“We have been aggressively pursuing our goal of bringing the most advanced semi-truck ever built to market,” Nikola Founder and CEO Trevor Milton says. “The powertrain requires an innovative and flexible partner able to adapt quickly to the speed of our team. Bosch has empowered us to come to market quickly with automotive-grade hardware and software so our vision can become a reality.”

According to Nikola’s website, the Nikola One’s 320-kWh battery will give the truck a range of 800-1,200 miles (1,290-1,900 km) and can be refueled in 15 minutes. The Nikola Two day cab has the same range, horsepower, torque and payload – about 65,000 lbs. (29,250 kg) as the larger Nikola One sleeper.

Wired magazine reported in December that Nikola proposes leasing its Nikola One trucks for about $5,000-$7,000 per month, including free fuel, which would be supplied by a network of 364 proprietary refilling stations placed about 400 miles (640 km) apart along highly traveled transport routes.