OSLO, Norway – Nissan will roll out its vehicle-to-grid energy program promising the average customer will enjoy virtually free home electricity.

The scheme, announced at the Nissan Futures event here, has been tested in Denmark and is to begin its European rollout next year. The trial involving a fleet of e-NV200 vans resulted in weekly revenue of €40 ($47) per vehicle.

Electric vehicles in vehicle-to-grid systems are capable of both drawing electricity from the power grid during off-peak hours and returning it to the grid during periods of peak demand. EV owners are compensated for power returned to the grid.

Each country will have its own contracts to negotiate between Nissan and a clearinghouse energy provider, says Gareth Dunsmore Nissan Europe’s electric-vehicle director.

“Every Leaf and e-NV200 sold since 2012 has the capacity for this vehicle-to-grid technology,” Dunsmore tells WardsAuto at the event. “We have been very pleased and excited by the results of the trials and also the study from 10 vehicle-to-grid stations installed at Cranfield University in the U.K.

“It is likely the next country to get the service will be Germany and then other countries in Europe,” he says, adding other global markets then will follow on a country-by-country basis.

Nissan unveils its expanded range of home and office chargers at the event, including a series of double-speed 7kW home chargers, 22kW chargers for business customers and a 100% renewable energy storage and charging unit.