Besides providing an engaging presentation and taking advantage of wait time,

Reynolds recommends these accessory-sales best practices:

  • Assign a champion to monitor all aspects of the business.
  • Ease the financial pain by calculating enhancements into overall financing and monthly payments, while also providing the upfront price.
  • Ensure sales, financing and the installation process are seamlessly coordinated across the entire dealership, facilitating the efforts of everyone involved. 

Lamb encourages dealerships to establish accessories as a new profit center, along with sales, service and F&I.

“You train on how to sell accessories, establish new pay plans and new profitability by department,” he says. “You literally set it up as a new business, and once you do, it works really well.”

He notes vehicle sales are expected to reach nearly 17 million units this year, but then start tapering off.

“We’re trying to make dealers aware that, as much fun as this is now in good times, we’re coming to a point where there are not going to be 10% more people coming in for a new car each year,” Lamb says. “It may only be 1% or 2% or 0%. So how do you increase your profits on throughput? Accessories represent an opportunity.”