Reynolds tracks accessory trends and reports them on a periodic basis. Here’s data from the latest report:

  • The top three categories in factory-exterior items are protection products, such as splash guards, door-edge guards and bumper protectors.
  • By a wide margin, exhaust upgrades are No.1 on the list of factory performance accessories. That’s followed by superchargers and air intakes.
  • Floor mats continue to dominate across all U.S. regions, except for the South, where window tint takes the top spot.
  • Toyota handily is the most popular brand to accessorize, followed by Honda, Ford, Acura, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Ram, Scion and Jeep.
  • The most popular vehicles to accessorize are the Toyota Camry sedan, Honda CR-V cross/utility vehicle and Ford F-150 pickup truck.