After a 3-month pilot test phase, Ally is officially rolling out a flagship vehicle service contract that pushes ultimate coverage up to 12 years and 150,000 miles (192,000 km).

The company says Ally Premier Protection offers enhanced benefits for auto consumers and features easy-to-use technology for dealers who sell it as an F&I product.

Post-pilot testing at more than 60 dealerships, “we are very pleased with its performance and the feedback from our dealers,’ says Ally Insurance President Doug Timmerman.

In a survey of pilot dealers, 87% said the overall transition was either "seamless" or "very smooth" with no or few unexpected interruptions.

Ally Premier Protection becomes available nationwide for nearly 650 makes and models of new and used vehicles.

A highlight feature is expanded coverage eligibility on older and higher-mileage vehicles. Although vehicles last longer today because of better build quality, their longevity usually includes repairs along the way.

“With vehicles that are older, repairs come into play, as does the need for expanded coverage,” Timmerman told WardsAuto in an earlier interview.

Ally Premier Protection’s new technology platform that integrates with dealership management systems is designed to make administration and management of service contracts easier, faster and error-free.

“As we continue to add premium product offerings to our mix, we are pleased that our dealers recognize the value that our professional training and support programs provide during transitions like the move to Ally Premier Protection,” Timmerman says.

The platform puts the dealership office, F&I and service managers in the loop for efficient claims processing.

Product developers also sought to transparently present add-on offering to consumers whether they are learning about it online or during a dealership F&I presentation.

“People will understand what they are buying, and whether this is something that works for their needs,” Timmerman says.

Ally Premier Protection offers four levels of coverage ranging from basic to powertrain-only to the works.