2013 Ward's 10 Best Engines

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Our 2013 10 Best Engines winners list is out. Who did we miss? What did we get right? What did we get wrong?

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So far I've only heard from a couple of critics who questioned our choice of the two Honda engines.

While their basic engine specs don't stand out, they are both very impressive to drive. And they were the only engines on our list that actually exceeded their EPA rated fuel economy during our testing. These days, that's saying something.

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I really think the Focus EV got short shrift. While the vehicle's range poses a problem for many drivers, it was perfect for my daily commute and regular errands. More importantly, the driving experience was remarkable - quick, steady accelleration, no lag - making it one of my favorite drives of the year.

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John, I agree the Focus EV is fun to drive and fine for short jaunts, but the fact remains it is a Ford Focus that costs $40,000 and requires at least one more vehicle in the garage for longer trips. Most EV buyers seem to prefer something that advertises they are driving a green car, or go to something more practical such as a plug-in or standard hybrid. My review of the car below, driven in ideal circumstances in California.


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I think you need to shift your awards to be more market relevant. Too many from vehicles that represent small market share (diesel and luxury models). One V8 is a good start, but so would just one performance 6 and 4 cylinder. This year it appears like consensus could not be found for a 6, so we get a 3-way tie. To represent efficient performance, one EV and hybrid should to be present each year, with one diesel. also two pickup/SUV engines. This would leave room for mainstream priced 6 and 4 (not a 24k compact car).

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Thanks for your comments, mr_EE. Perhaps it doesn't always come across, but the WardsAuto editors agonize over each year's 10 Best Engines because we want the list to represent great value, performance and variety. We never want too many of one type of engine. We want affordable engines but sometimes find engines in luxury and sports cars to be irresistible. By the same token, we never want to slot engines into categories. Sometimes, there's little activity in the pickup truck or SUV market, so there may be few new engines to evaluate. Same can be true in several market segments. That keeps our list extremely fluid from year to year, which is how we like it. On the hybrid front, we just didn't think any of the six tested belonged on the list. Here's a link to the winners for 2014.

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