Light-vehicle sales declined in Canada for the first time this year, as June deliveries totaled 168,871 units, off 1.1% from like-2011 on a daily rate basis.

There were 27 selling days last month, compared with 26 year-ago.

Truck sales fell 1.8% from year-ago to 90,822, while car demand slipped just 0.3% to 78,049.

Replenished inventories helped drive Asian auto makers to a combined 13.8% gain, led by Toyota’s 60.4% spike. Toyota picked up more than four points of market share vs. year-ago.

Honda also posted a healthy increase, at 36.2%, helping to offset declines at Nissan (15.8%) and Hyundai (1.4%).

General Motors suffered the biggest falloff among the Detroit Three, with sales plunging 21.0%, primarily the result of a nearly 4,000-unit reduction in truck demand.

Ford deliveries were down 12.8% and Chrysler sales off 3.2%, as Detroit Three share slid to 45.2% in June from 51.3% year-ago. Most of that lost share went to the Asian brands.

European auto makers held steady, with combined sales up 0.6% in June. Jaguar Land Rover (16.0%) and Porsche (15.8%) led all gainers on a percentage basis.

June’s performance brought industry first-half 2012 LV sales to 862,830 units, up 7.1% from year-ago, with most of the increase due to gains made by the Asian auto makers.