After a brief respite, the Canadian light-vehicle market bounced back in February, besting the prior month by 12.6%.

Deliveries averaged 4,283 units on each of 24 selling days, compared with January’s 3,803-unit 25-day selling pace.

Dealers also topped by 0.6% the 4,257 LVs sold daily in February 2012, although total volume fell short, 102,791 units vs. 106,443, due to one fewer selling day this year.

Although top-ranked Chrysler held onto a slight lead over Ford for both February and year-to-date, Ford posted larger increases from January and prior year.

Ford’s F-Series truck, including the SuperDuty, continued its reign as Canada’s top-selling vehicle in the month.

The Hyundai Elantra again was Canada’s No.1 car, with February’s 3,545 deliveries beating January by 24.6% and year-ago by 9.7%. Second-place Mazda3 saw sales rise 4.7% vs. the prior month and 8.3% compared with like-2012.

Third-place Chevrolet Cruze fell 8.7% below its prior-month performance, but bested February 2012 by 6.9%. The Ford Focus held the fourth spot, with gains of 9.7% from January and 11.7%, from year-ago.

Led by low-volume Jaguar, up 76.6% vs. January and 98.2% from year-ago, only 13 of 30 brands beat both their prior-month and prior-year performances in February.