Chrysler says a new 3.0L V-6 now in production in Michigan and headed for China-market Jeep Grand Cherokees and Wranglers completes the rollout of its Pentastar technology, which bowed with the 3.6L DOHC version of the engine in late 2010.

The auto maker said then that the Pentastar would replace seven other engine families in its light-vehicle lineup, and the new Trenton, MI-built 3.0L finishes the job by knocking an older 3.0L off the Chrysler powertrain charts.

The new engine, unveiled today at the Chengdu Motor Show in Chengdu, China, won’t be available in U.S. models, at least initially but will be offered exclusively on the ’14 Grand Cherokee and Wrangler in China, where its 3.0L displacement is targeted to fall below a tax threshold there.

In the U.S., the Pentastar family is being expanded with the 3.2L version that will bow on the ’14 Jeep Cherokee. In all, the V-6 can be found in 16 U.S. models that cover 11 WardsAuto market segments, Chrysler says.

“The Pentastar program is a milestone in Chrysler Group’s ongoing journey,” Bob Lee, vice president and head of engine, powertrain and electrified propulsion systems engineering, says in a statement. “It not only is proof positive of our technical proficiency, it is tangible evidence of our deep-rooted commitment to excellence in powertrain development.”

The new 3.0L produces 230 hp at 6,350 rpm and peak torque of 210 lb.-ft. (285 Nm) at 4,400 rpm.

All of the Pentastar 60-degree V-6 engines feature a cast aluminum block and structural aluminum oil pan, plus a direct-mounted alternator and air-conditioning compressor for increased stiffness.