Chrysler delivered 125,361 light vehicles in October, marking a healthy 10.2% rise from year-ago and keeping the auto maker on a positive sales track despite the effects of Superstorm Sandy that struck the northeastern U.S. this week.

“I think we saw the impact of the hurricane this month,” Chrysler spokesman Ralph Kisiel tells WardsAuto, noting several dozen dealers in the auto maker’s network closed for a day or more. “We know we lost some sales from those days off. But they were all planning to reopen shortly.”

Many dealers in New York and along the East Coast were flooded, while some in West Virginia were hit with a blizzard. Several lost power due to high winds.

“There might be some isolated cases where a dealer might have some more damage and will reopen later,” Kisiel says. “But the bulk of the people who are without power are probably back up and running.”

Chrysler says it doesn’t have a handle yet on how much inventory might have been lost as a result of the storm. About 100 dealers continue to be hampered by weather-related issues, primarily power outages.

Nearly all vehicles in Chrysler’s lineup outperformed sales from year-ago in October, with notable increases for the Jeep Patriot and Dodge Charger and Grand Caravan.

The Patriot has been a consistent seller for Chrysler, notching 4,209 deliveries last month – 17.5% more than like-2011. Chrysler says October set a record for the small cross/utility vehicle, which has not seen a major refresh since its introduction in 2007.

Year to date, Chrysler has delivered 53,270 Patriots, just shy of 2011’s 54,647 total, according to WardsAuto data.

The Jeep Liberty, which will be replaced by a yet-to-be-named model in 2013, is at its lowest volume since 2011. Chrysler delivered 4,099 of the SUVs last month, down 31.7% from like-2011.

Sales of the Dodge Charger surged 35% from year-ago to 4,924 units in October. Year-to-date, Chrysler has delivered 68,409 of the sedans, on track to outpace its 2011 total of 70,809.

Aside from the Fiat 500 subcompact, which had limited volumes in 2011, Chrysler’s largest year-over-year gainer was the Dodge Grand Caravan, with sales up 49% in October. Chrysler delivered 10,603 of the minivans, the most of any of the Dodge brand.

October sales of the midsize Chrysler 200 plunged 21.8% from year-ago, while the Dodge Durango SUV continued to be a weak performer with only 3,230 deliveries, down 16.4%. The Jeep Compass CUV also suffered, plunging 50% from like-2011.