GENEVA – With the MCV wagon version of the Dacia Logan multipurpose vehicle presented at the auto show here, Renault’s entry-level brand replaces the last of its seven basic models.

The Duster is the oldest model in Dacia’s portfolio, at nearly three years, but at Geneva it gets a facelift version that calls to mind the Land Rover Defender.

Dacia sales are rising in a European market that is falling. Jerome Stoll, Renault executive vice president, says 2012 was a record for the brand, with its European sales surging 700% since 2005.

Dacia doesn’t discount in Europe and it doesn’t sell to fleets, so customers are individuals who choose the brand, often coming from the used-car market.

The more than 2 million Dacia owners form a community, Stoll says, “and it is their pride that makes the brand strong.”

Dacia holds a 2.3% share of the European market and 6.3% in France, where it is the fifth-most popular brand. Last year, the auto maker sold 360,000 cars in Europe, and even more badged as Renaults outside the region.

The Logan MPV is priced at €8,990 ($11,700) in France, well below the average for cars its size, although niceties such as GPS navigation system or rear-parking assistance are extras. The base model sold in Europe comes with electronic stability control, side airbags and power steering.

The MPV first launched in 2006 and has sold 340,000 copies in 40 countries. The new MCV wagon version shown here goes on sale in the year’s second quarter.

Additionally, the Duster gets a new limited edition, the Aventure, which goes on sale in April. “Dacia has no competition,” Stoll says.