AUBURN HILLS, MI – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne kicks off the automaker’s sweeping presentation of its 5-year strategy here, saying the company is “beginning to write a new book.”

Marchionne says with the new management plan about to be presented, FCA marks the official Day One of operation as a single global entity.

“We stand before you as a global car maker,” he says. “This represents the first day of a new life for Fiat Chrysler.”

The CEO says the automaker will detail a global strategy for Jeep, the next step for Alfa Romeo and a plan to solidify the Fiat brand’s position in Europe. It also will present its market-by-market outlook for the next five years, as well as detail its product plans and vehicle architecture and powertrain strategies.

“The history of the auto industry is littered with failed alliances, because of the lack of willingness to share (between partners),” Marchionne says. “In the last five years, Fiat and Chrysler have learned to work together. We’ve transformed our differences into strength.

“We now share industry know-how…challenges and ambitions.”

“We are ready for the next step,” Marchionne adds. “You are about to hear a courageous plan that represents a break from the past.”