Car sales may be slowing in China, but automakers still must introduce a steady stream of new products to keep consumers interested. For Ford, that means launching the Taurus fullsize sedan there.

The automaker sees it as a way to round out its product mix.

“The Ford Taurus is the latest proof point of Ford’s aggressive China growth plan and the new flagship sedan for the Ford brand in China,” a Ford China spokesperson says.

The Taurus has a checkered history here in the U.S., going from best-seller to fleet standby in just a few decades. Ford hopes to leave that behind in China with a model designed exclusively for that market. It faces some tough hurdles, however.

“Personally, I think the Taurus will face many difficulties in the China market,” says Kevin Huang, a consultant at WAYS, a consultancy in the South China city of Guangzhou.

For one, the segment that the Taurus will fall into – which also includes the Buick LaCrosse and the Toyota Crown – is losing market share to entry-level premium-brand models such as the Audi A3, Huang says, adding the Taurus name is not well-known in China.

“Pricing will be very critical to its success,” Huang says. He predicts the Taurus will be priced around RMB240,000 ($37,500). The A3 starts at RMB205,900 ($32,000).