The Ford Fiesta ranks as the U.K.’s best-selling car of all time with sales topping 4 million, and even Ford admits to being a bit surprised as the model reaches its 40th anniversary.

To celebrate, the automaker recently gathered 40 Fiestas from the past four decades covering seven generations and including the 1976 MkI, MkI-III XR2, MkII Popular and MkI Van, for a 70-mile (113-km) cavalcade from the Ford Engine Plant in Dagenham to Brighton on England’s south coast.

The convoy showed the evolution of Fiesta from the early MkI to the latest MkVII, and significant visual and technological changes.

Ford says when the first Fiesta rolled off the production line in 1976 at the new factory in Valencia, Spain, few could have predicted the success story that was going to unfold.

Sales in the U.K. began the following year and it took only until 1981 for worldwide sales to exceed 1 million.

In the 40 years from 1976-2016, Ford has sold 4,339,149 Fiestas in the U.K. alone – more than one in every 20 cars sold in the region – with European Fiesta sales set to surpass 18 million units before the end of this year.

The U.K.’s most popular car every month for each of the past seven years, in 2014 the Fiesta became the region’s all-time top-selling car, overtaking the Ford Escort’s 4,105,961 units sold by then.