The open-top Mercedes-AMG GT C, a roadster version of the German automaker’s 2-seat GT sports car, will be launched next year, according to a document leaked online.

The product-planning document detailing ’17- model introductions forms part of an internal presentation outlining Mercedes-Benz’s financial results for first-half 2016. Described by insiders as being official, it lays bare the automaker’s future new-model plans.

The leaked document hints at the launch of nine new Mercedes models and two new Smart models in 2017. This compares with the 10 Mercedes and two Smart models slated for launch during 2016.

Among the new Mercedes models to be launched during first-half ʼ17 are the new-generation E-Class Coupe, high-riding E-Class All-Terrain and facelifted GLA (referred to as the GLA Coupe in the product-planning document).

Also planned is the recently unveiled 585-hp GT R and the aforementioned GT C, which will sport a fabric top similar to that of the earlier SLS roadster.

They will be followed in second-half 2017 by a facelifted version of the S-Class, new-generation E-Class Cabriolet and a facelifted version of the GT, as well as the new Mercedes pickup truck based on the Nissan Navara.

The two Smart models, the all-electric Fortwo cabriolet EV and Forfour EV, are planned for launch during first-half 2017.