AUBURN HILLS, MI – Maserati is on a growth path, but volumes will be limited to maintain the Italian marque’s exclusivity, the brand’s chief says during a business review here today.

Maserati offers four models today, but plans call for expansion to six nameplates by 2018, including the addition of a SUV, sports coupe and convertible.

Harald Wester, Maserati brand chief, says the new models will allow the marque to offer a full range of products that cover 100% of the global luxury market.

“By 2018, we will be covering the luxury market in its entirety and addressing over 1 million potential customers,” he says.

Wester says the upcoming products will share a set of engines and transmissions, including two V-6 gas engines with output levels over 500 hp and a V-8 with 585 hp. In addition, there will be a diesel-engine family with “torque and horsepower matching the performance demand far beyond the current range,” he says.

Despite the addition of new products, Maserati global volumes will remain below 100,000 units annually. Wester says projections show the brand will achieve about 75,000 units per year by 2018.

Revenue is expected to expand 10.3% by 2018, and profit margins should increase as well, he says.

“We’re known for exclusivity. That’s what makes (Maserati) stand apart,” he says. “The values of Maserati are unmistakable. They’re about refined Italian design and sporty performance.”