A strong December helped Mexico light-vehicle output climb 14.4% to 2,680,037 units in full-year 2011, outpacing prior-year by 337,755.

LV production saw a 5.0% uptick last month to 188,170 units. A 9.5% increase in export builds offset the 11.8% shortfall in domestic assemblies to 32,822, according to WardsAuto data.

Detroit Three output in December rose 12.9% to 95,423 units, compared with year-ago. Chrysler Mexico led with a 46.5% surge to 26,560, followed by Ford Mexico’s 27.2% increase to 34,669. General Motors Mexico builds fell 12.7% to 34,194.

Detroit auto makers enjoyed an 11.0% production gain for the year to 1,340,009 units compared with like-2010.

Nissan Mexico was the lone Asian auto maker to see a gain, with output up 16.7% to 45,626 units. Toyota Mexico and Honda Mexico production slid 14.3% and 39.6%, respectively. Among European auto makers, Volkswagen Mexico suffered the largest decline, down 18.6% to 33,013.

Mexico’s new-car sales in December jumped 17.9% from year-ago to 74,908 units, but light-truck deliveries fell 1.3% to 40,671.

The Detroit Three sold 25,795 new cars in the month, for a combined 27.5% gain on like-2010. Ford enjoyed the biggest increase, up 39.0% to 5,639 units. GM deliveries climbed 28.2% to 16,866, and Chrysler was up 8.9% to 3,290.

Asian car sales rose 16.3% in December to 30,050 units. Nissan led on a volume basis with 20,291, up 17.9%. Subaru Mexico jumped 35.0% and Toyota surged 34.7%. Honda suffered the sole decline, down 6.4%.

The Detroit auto makers delivered 180,451 new cars in Mexico in 2011, a 17.4% increase over prior-year. Asian auto makers made 228,875 deliveries for a 15.4% increase, and Europe-based makers saw sales climb 19.7% to 176,730.

In the light-truck category, the Detroit Three all posted sales declines in December compared with like-2010, down a combined 15.0% to 10,044 units. Chrysler was off a modest 1.1% to 6,751, while GM and Ford posted double-digit losses of 10.0% and 12.7%, respectively.

Asian auto makers saw a 4.6% increase in light-truck deliveries in the month to 18,797 units, while European brands jumped 10.6% to 3,032.

The Detroit auto makers saw light-truck sales fall a combined 5.2% in for 2011, compared with prior-year. Asian sales climbed 5.7%, while European deliveries jumped 14.1%.

Mexico’s total light-vehicle sales for 2011 rose 10.5% to 904,199 units, with cars up 17.3% and light trucks down 0.2%. Nissan was the top-selling auto maker on a volume basis, with 224,740 deliveries, up 18.6% compared with prior-year.

The Volkswagen Jetta was the best-selling car in Mexico last year, up 6.2% to 83,828 units, compared with like-2010. The Ford F-Series was the top-selling truck with 16,440 deliveries, down 20.7% from year-ago.