Mexico light-vehicle deliveries in February climbed 12.0% vs. year-ago to 80,087, as light-truck and car sales rose 11.2% and 12.4%, respectively.

Detroit Three light-truck deliveries managed a modest 3.3% gain for the month, buoyed by a 31.0% surge by General Motors Mexico. Ford Mexico and Chrysler Mexico sales fell 10.4% and 4.8%, respectively.

Asian auto makers saw light-truck sales rise 14.4%, with most major players posting gains. Volume-leader Nissan Mexico deliveries increased 19.4%, while Toyota Mexico sales jumped 46.2%. Honda Mexico posted a 17.6% decline vs. like-2012.

Among European manufacturers, Fiat Mexico posted the largest percentage gain, up 610.9% on a modest 109 deliveries. Volkswagen Mexico saw a 4.4% uptick, while Renault Mexico spiked 142.8%. Daimler Mexico tumbled 38.0%, while Audi Mexico enjoyed a 91.8% year-over-year increase.

Top-selling light-truck nameplates in February included the Ford Explorer, up 107.2%, Chevrolet Express (up 57.6%), Honda Crosstour (up 630.4%), Nissan Pathfinder (up 469.2%) and Toyota RAV4 (up 103.0%).

In the car segment, Detroit-based auto makers posted a 15.2% improvement to 16,961, fueled by a 56.4% surge by Ford. Chrysler and GM posted gains of 20.3% and 6.6%, respectively.

Asian auto makers’ car deliveries rose 4.5% to 20,132. Nissan sales were up 2.7%, while Honda posted a 78.3% surge. Toyota sales were off 21.7% on just 1,409 deliveries.

Europe-based auto makers’ car sales improved 20.8%. Fiat deliveries jumped 92.9%, while Volkswagen posted a 21.1% gain. Audi enjoyed a 90.6% year-over-year increase, while Daimler and Renault saw sales fall 10.1% and 7.7%, respectively.

Car standouts for the month included the Ford Fusion, up 449.7%, Chevrolet Malibu (up 177.6%), Honda Accord (up 160.0%), Nissan Sentra (up 53.3%) and Fiat 500 (up 83.5%).