Mexico production in July climbed 16.0%, buoyed by a 17.3% rise in builds for export and a 10.5% hike in domestic output.

Detroit Three production slid 0.3% vs. year-ago to 113,945 units, as Ford Mexico and General Motors Mexico posted declines of 11.7% and 2.7%, respectively. Chrysler Mexico output rose 20.3% to 33,142.

Among Japanese auto makers, Honda Mexico and Nissan Mexico saw production surge 97.9% and 60.2%, respectively, while Toyota Mexico output slid 18.5% vs. year-ago to 3,842 units.

Volkswagen Mexico’s production rose 23.3% to 61,616.

Total light-vehicle sales in Mexico rose 20.3% in July compared with like-2011 to 76,169 units, with car deliveries rising 18.0% to 49,307 and light-truck sales climbing 24.7% to 26,862.

Detroit Three car sales jumped 22.5% to 15,638 units, as all three auto makers posted increases. GM and Chrysler led the way with respective increases of 23.9% and 30.7%, while Ford followed with an 8.2% year-over-year improvement.

Japanese car sales rose 18.8% to 18,682. Nissan led on a volume basis with 12,975 deliveries for the month, good for a 14.6% year-on-year increase. Honda and Toyota car sales climbed 40.3% and 40.1%, respectively.

Volkswagen car deliveries were up 11.3%, while Renault sales tumbled 13.8%.

Individual nameplates recording a solid month included the Ford Ikon (up 185.0%), Chevrolet Spark (up 87.6%), Honda Fit (up 87.3%), Nissan Versa (up 101.8%) and Toyota Camry (up 86.3%).

In the light-truck segment, Detroit Three auto makers posted a 3.1% gain to 11,532 units. Chrysler and Ford deliveries rose 24.7% and 3.3%, respectively, while GM sales were off 21.8%.

Asian auto makers saw light-truck sales soar 50.1% vs. year-ago to 12,245 units. Nissan was the volume leader with a 50.3% jump to 6,235. Toyota and Honda light-truck deliveries spiked 76.5% and 138.0%, respectively.

European auto makers posted a 40.6% increase in light-truck sales in July, with volume-leader Volkswagen enjoying a 20.9% gain to 1,297.

Standout models in the light-truck segment in July included the Ram pickup (up 49.1%), Ford Transit (up 195.4%), Nissan Frontier (up 131.4%) and Toyota RAV4 (up 121.8%).