Mexico production in May climbed 4.0% vs. year-ago to 240,968, with domestic output rising 10.9% and builds for export growing 2.3%.

Detroit Three auto makers’ output fell 1.0%, hampered by a 32.4% decrease by General Motors Mexico. Chrysler Mexico and Ford Mexico saw production increases of 39.0% and 6.6%, respectively.

Nissan Mexico output was up 11.1%, while Toyota Mexico builds soared 198.1% and Honda Mexico production surged 140.0%.

Volkswagen Mexico, the only European auto maker to produce light vehicles in significant volume, posted a 12.8% decrease to 34,815 units in May.

Total light-vehicle sales in Mexico in May jumped 12.5% vs. like-2011 to 80,112, with car deliveries rising 10.2% to 50,817 and light-truck sales climbing 16.8% to 29,295.

Detroit auto makers’ new-car deliveries were up 16.7% in May to 18,191. GM led on a volume basis, with sales increasing 8.0% to 12,063. Ford and Chrysler deliveries rose 59.2% and 10.8%, respectively.

Asian auto makers posted a 10.6% gain in new-car sales to 18,094. Nissan deliveries were up 7.9% to 12,834 units, while Toyota’s jumped 43.5% to 1,682. Honda passenger-car sales fell 1.0% to 1,300.

European auto makers’ car deliveries increased 2.5% to 14,532. VW sales climbed 3.0% to 10,634, while Renault Mexico saw its sales plummet 34.8% to 1,032.

Among individual nameplates, car standouts included the Ford Fiesta, up 85.2%; Chevrolet Aveo, up 48.6%; Honda Civic, up 106.8%; and Toyota Camry, up 155.2%.

In the light-truck category, Detroit Three deliveries fell 4.0% to 12,004, largely due to a 28.7% decline by Ford. Chrysler truck sales were up 20.0%, while GM deliveries were flat.

Asian auto makers sold 13,554 light trucks in May for a 38.0% year-over-year increase. Nissan sales rose 22.9%, while Honda and Toyota saw deliveries jump 172.5% and 39.3%, respectively.

Among European auto makers Renault led on a percentage and volume basis, with light-truck deliveries increasing 218.4% to 1,467. VW was second in volume, selling 1,292 trucks in May, good for a 2.4% uptick.

Light trucks posting the biggest increases in May included the Jeep Compass, up 62.2%; Chevrolet Silverado, up 33.8%; GMC Terrain, up 104.3%; and Nissan Frontier, up 90.2%.