January light-vehicle output in Mexico inched up 2.6% compared with year-ago to 213,572 units, as builds for export rose 1.2% to complement an 8.2% gain in domestic production.

Detroit Three output rose a combined 0.5% for the month to 103,781 units, but the slight uptick was entirely due to Chrysler Mexico, up 101.3% to 37,197, according to WardsAuto data.

General Motors Mexico and Ford Mexico builds were was down 21.3% and 21.7%, respectively.

The trend among the domestics carried over to Asian auto makers, with Honda Mexico up 15.1% and Nissan Mexico up 20.8%. Toyota Mexico output fell 0.7%.

Volkswagen Mexico production plunged 25.3% to 26,845 units.

Mexico’s new-car sales in January rose 8.5% from year-ago to 48,965 units, while light trucks increased 11.2% to 26,146. Total light-vehicle deliveries were up 9.4% to 75,111.

Detroit Three car sales climbed 13.9% to 15,411 units, paced by Chrysler’s 16.1% hike to 1,802. GM and Ford car deliveries saw increases of 14.6% and 10.0%, respectively.

Asian deliveries rose 6.9% in January to 19,336 units. Volume-leader Nissan was up 6.2% to 12,860, and Honda was up 53.8% to 1,652. Toyota car sales slipped 11.6% to 2,067.

European auto makers posted a combined 5.1% uptick, compared with year-ago, to 14,218 units. On a volume basis, Volkswagen led with a 2.2% gain to 10,395.

Top-performing car nameplates included the Volkswagen Beetle, up 122.2%, Toyota Camry (up 152.4%), Ford Fiesta (up 252.5%) and Honda Civic (up 371.6%).

In the light-truck segment, the Detroit Three sales fell a combined 5.1% to 11,330 units, with Ford off 7.7%, GM down 3.2% and Chrysler 4.1%.

Total light-truck deliveries among Asian makers reached a robust 30.2% to 12,583 in January. Nissan sales grew 28.9% to 5,675, while Honda and Mazda Mexico were up 126.4% and 51.7%, respectively. Toyota truck sales were off 9.6% to 2,102.

European auto makers’ light-truck deliveries jumped 16.5% to 2,233. On a percentage basis, Fiat Mexico led with a 228.6% year-over-year hike, albeit on just 23 deliveries. From a volume perspective, Volkswagen left the competition in the dust with a 26.4% gain to 1,246.

Several light-truck models turned in notable performances in January, including the Ford Econoline van, up 182.6%, Jeep Compass (up 201.5%), Honda CR-V (up 189.1%) and the Toyota Tacoma (up 77.0%).