Mexico production in February took a dramatic 24.2% leap to 252,450 units, spurred by a 27.9% increase in builds for export complemented by a 10.8% boost in domestic assemblies.

Detroit Three production was up 21.9% to 121,304 units, paced by Chrysler Mexico’s 66.1% surge to 34,421. General Motors Mexico assemblies led on a volume basis, up 9.1% to 48,339, while Ford Mexico builds increased 11.8% to 38,544.

Among Asian auto makers, volume-leader Nissan Mexico output spiked 34.5% to 61,011 units. Honda Mexico and Toyota Mexico production was up 17.5% and 11.1%, respectively.

Total light-vehicle sales in Mexico in February were up 7.0% to 74,605 units, with light-trucks up a scant 0.2% and passenger-cars jumping 10.9%.

Detroit auto makers’ new-car sales rose 15.5% to 15,361 units. GM led the way with an 18.1% increase to 11,124. Chrysler and Ford deliveries were up 11.1% and 7.4%, respectively.

Asian auto makers posted a 16.2% improvement in passenger-car sales to 20,103 units. On a percentage basis, Mazda Mexico led the pack with a 28.0% surge to 1,577. Nissan deliveries were up 21.2%, while Honda and Toyota sales were off 0.2% and 2.2%, respectively.

European auto makers’ car deliveries fell 0.2% to 14,006 units, largely due to a 1.9% downturn in Volkswagen Mexico deliveries. With 10,691 sales for the month, VW accounted for nearly all the volume among European competitors.

Among individual car nameplates, standouts included the Ford Fiesta, up 115.8%; Dodge Charger, up 487.0%; Honda Civic, up 323.8%; and VW Beetle, up 132.6%.

In the light-truck category, Detroit Three deliveries fell 14.1% to 10,574 units. All three auto makers suffered declines, with Ford and Chrysler off 17.9% and 14.6%, respectively, and GM down 8.5%.

Asian auto makers delivered 12,179 light trucks in February, a 14.9% rise compared with year-ago. Nissan sales jumped 11.4% to 5,505, while Honda’s truck sales spiked 92.5% to 3,081.

VW, on a volume basis, dominated light-truck sales among its European counterparts with an 8.3% increase to 1,141 units. BMW Mexico had a solid month, with deliveries growing 49.5% vs. year-ago to 301.

Mexico’s top-selling light-trucks in February included the Honda CR-V, up 143.9%; Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, up 125.4%; VW Routan, up 259.4%; and Toyota Tundra, up 134.8%.