Two new forced-induction engines, stop/start technology, an 8-speed transmission and a new all-wheel-drive system arrive on ’13 Jaguar models and promise to transform the brand’s lineup, the auto maker says.

Jaguar Cars U.S.A. spokesman Wayne Kung tells WardsAuto the new technology offerings “will open up our market prospects by tenfold.”

Jaguar designed and builds the new 340-hp 3.0L DOHC supercharged V-6 that will power the XF and XJ lines.

Using the same architecture and technology as Jaguar’s supercharged 5.0L V-8, the new V-6 delivers 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) acceleration in the XF sedan in 5.7 seconds, the auto maker says.

The rear-wheel-drive XF is expected to achieve 28 mpg (8.3 L/100 km), Jaguar says. Eaton supplies the supercharger.

The ’13 XF also will receive a version of former parent Ford’s 2.0L DOHC turbocharged direct-injection 4-cyl., which won a Ward’s 10 Best Engines award in 2012 for its application in the Ford Edge.

In the XF, the engine will produce 240 hp, same as in the Edge. On the highway, the XF is expected to get 29 mpg (8.1 L/100 km). The XF 2.0 comes with a base price of $46,975 while the XF 3.0 with the supercharged V-6 starts at $50,000.

Further boosting fuel efficiency in both models is a new stop/start system that shuts down the engine at stop lights.

All models of the XF and XJ will receive new 8-speed transmissions from ZF.

Also available on both ’13 models is Jaguar’s new Instinctive All-Wheel Drive system, mated with the supercharged V-6. The auto maker says the system enhances all-season traction while retaining sporty agility and steering feel.

In dry conditions, the electronically controlled wet multi-plate clutch sends a small amount of “pre-load” torque to the front wheels as the vehicle launches, then seamlessly sends most torque to the rear wheels once under way, Jaguar says. The system can transfer up to 50% of available torque to the front wheels.

Magna Powertrain supplies the transfer case for the AWD system.

In addition, Jaguar will offer the new ultra-luxury flagship model, XJL Ultimate, priced at $155,000 with a 510-hp 5.0L supercharged V-8. The U.S. will receive only 30 units.

Also for ’13, the Jaguar XK 2+2 coupe and convertible are offered in Touring trim, starting at $79,000 and $85,000, respectively.