North American manufacturers built 1,318,758 light vehicles in November, up 13.2% compared with year-ago. The total included 601,675 cars and 717,083 light trucks.

The Detroit Three produced a total of 724,629 units. Chrysler continued its large year-over-year gains, jumping 20.6% to 207,277. Ford’s output of 234,564 was a 5.0% increase over like-2011. General Motors climbed 10.7% with 282,788 builds.

Nissan’s Canton, MS, plant last month began building Sentra sedans, which will remain in production in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The Sentra had been built exclusively in Mexico since output of the model ended at Smyrna, TN, in March 1999.

Total U.S. light-vehicle output was 830,505 in November, up 13.5% year-over-year. The 11-month total came to 9,367,351, 20.9% above like-2011.

Canadian plants assembled 225,572 units, a 10.9% increase from year-ago. The year-to date total was 2,303,722, an 18% improvement on prior-year.

Production in Mexico rose 14.3% from November 2011, with 262,681 cars and light trucks. Output in the first 11 months totaled 2,683,552, up 13.5% over like-2011.

North American LV production stood at 14,354,625 units through November, a 19.0% year-on-year gain.