Whoever is in charge of the music selection at MBS this year made an odd choice to close out a panel discussion featuring powertrain chiefs from Chrysler and General Motors.

The tune is Florence + the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over,” which features the English singer proclaiming exactly what the title suggests.

The tough times may be over for Chrysler, which posted hefty profits in the second quarter, but not so much for GM, whose profits tumbled this time around.

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

Scott Whybrew, General Motors executive director-global manufacturing, jokes with attendees here about his longevity among his peers.

“You know you’ve joined that senior group when you talk about the advances made in eyewear,” he laughs while pausing during his presentation on the auto maker’s powertrain globalization strategy.

Fishing for Facts

A top Chrysler exec says the auto maker is looking at more locations to build its 4-cyl. Tigershark engine that powers the new Dodge Dart.

Brian Harlow, vice president-NAFTA powertrain operations, declines to reveal which plants could be next to build the mill or what Chrysler products might receive it. But talk is out there. The Tigershark currently is produced at the Belvidere, IL, facility.

Dawn’s Early Light

John Fleming, Ford’s vice president-manufacturing and labor affairs, is asked the age-old question by journos here: “What keeps you awake at night?”

After a few seconds of thought, he quips, “Fortunately I don’t need a lot of sleep.”