Toyota Malaysia launches a locally assembled Camry hybrid, aiming to produce 7,000 units a year.

UMW Toyota has spent 180 million ringgit ($49 million) in the past five years to build the Camry from completely-knocked-down kits at the Assembly Services (ASSB) plant in Shah Alam, outside Kuala Lumpur.

The Toyota assembly line will be operated and managed by ASSB and build three variants, the  Camry 2.5 hybrid, Camry 2.0G and Camry 2.0E.

UMW Toyota President Ismet Suki tells reporters the new hybrid will sell for less than MYR200,000 ($54,712) when it is launched April 2.

The Camry Hybrid is ASSB’s first locally assembled hybrid vehicle and UMW Toyota Chairman Asmat Kamaludin says its launch in Malaysia shows its importance to Toyota, in line with the automaker’s goal of encouraging the use of hybrid vehicles across the globe.

UMW Toyota has sold more than 116,000 Toyota Camry units since it was introduced in Malaysia in 1994.

The government’s Bernama news agency quotes Ismet as saying the company aims to sell nearly 100,000 Toyota and Lexus vehicles in Malaysia this year. Toyota Malaysia last year increased sales 11.9% to 102,035 units, boosting its market share to 15.3% from 13.9% in 2013.