Canada’s torrid light-vehicle selling pace cooled a bit in June, totaling 170,950 units for an average of 6,575 on each of 26 selling days.

That pace represents a 7.4% decline from May’s 7,102-unit daily selling rate on a total of 184,646 LVs.

Compared with year-ago, June sales bested 2012’s 6,263-unit DSR by 5.0%, despite have one less selling day.

Strong demand for light trucks again powered the market in June, rising 10.7% daily from year-ago to a total of 97,087 units. However, that momentum was not strong enough to top the 99,511 sold in May.

June saw a sharp 13.2% decline in daily car sales from the prior month and a 1.7% dip from year-ago.

Although Ford remained No.1, its dealers moved 12.6% fewer LVs in the month than in May and 3.5% fewer than in like-2012, despite a record June performance by its industry-leading F-150 pickup.

General Motors countered the industry trend with a 4.5% LV sales increase over the prior month and a 12.2% gain from year-ago, thanks to strong light-truck sales that offset car-volume losses.

Asian makes topped their prior-year performance by 2.9% in June, but fell 9.2% from May, while the Europeans bested year-ago by 5.0%, but fell 7.4% short of matching their prior-month sales.

Still, the 881,376 LVs delivered in the first six months of the year surpassed the 863,057 sold in like-2012 by 2.1%, again thanks to a 5.5% increase in light-truck sales that more than offset a 1.9% car decline.