The UAW has a long record of wielding major influence in presidential elections. The union this year has not yet endorsed a candidate, according to UAW President Dennis Williams, who President Barack Obama acknowledged during a January visit to Detroit had played an important role in his own political career and his quest for the presidency.

Williams rules out support for Donald Trump during the Republican primary season, even though the business mogul and reality television star’s views on trade between the U.S. and major trading partners such as Mexico and China differ little from the position staked out by the UAW’s executive board over the years.

“We need real trade agreements,” Williams recently told reporters at UAW headquarters in Detroit, but added he is not in favor of Trump’s solution.

The union wants nothing to do with Trump, Williams says, because the GOP presidential contender is hostile to unions.

“Mr. Trump made a comment that infuriated me. He made a comment that he would not allow companies to move to Mexico. Then he turned around and said he’d ask them to move their facilities to states with cheaper labor.

“That doesn't fly with me. I don’t think Mr. Trump has articulated about where he’s been or where he is going,” the union leader says.